Thursday, November 7, 2013

A day in the life

A Day in The Life Of..


Wake up, feeling spunky!

Next it's either green tea with honey, or coffee.. YUM!

Then either a smoothie, or ^ chia seeds, with pecans, hemp seeds, organic maple syrup and coconut/almond milk.. Got your attn yet??

Next, mother nature viewing (so pretty)...

next is yoga.... and then maybe some gym time..

then some internet browsing..

and more browsing... Oh how I want this piercing(s)!!

and then some pictures for DH... (gotta love deployments, so many pictures)

ok.. then to doing boring tasks, such as laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping...

and then my friends, lovely friends, including my amazing SIL (sister-in-law)! Wouldn't trade any of them for anything in this world.. love them.. <3

and then my beautiful babies and I chat for a while..
after that, I'm ready for bed time!

Then it's time for bed, and this silly cat cuddles with me every night, right on top of me, and under the covers, haha!

Ok everyone, that's it for now!
Have a fantastic evening!!


Favorite Apps

November 6 2013

(yes I'm aware I'm a day late, shh)

Ok for all you tech savvy people, my top 5 favorite apps are probably not that awesome to you, but they are for me. Thank you technology for saving my butt more than a couple of times!

1. Pinterest- I am an addict of sorts, let me tell you! I have over 4k pins. It's a bit excessive. Ha! They keep me up to date on diy projects, recipes, paleo things, workouts, kids stuff, home decor... I could go on and on!

2. Geocaching- Keeps you active, and who doesn't love a treasure hunt or hide n seek?? Highly recommend to everyone!

3. Spotify Premium- No commercials during your favorite playlists. Also, make your own playlists, or listen to others, and make them available offline! So worth it for music lovers everywhere!

4. Retailmenot- Keeps awesome coupons for so many places. Who doesn't love to save money??

5. USAA- Deposit money from home, keep your account up to date. Fantastic idea to start banking online!!

Ok there's my top 5 apps, what are yours???

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

(currently) Favorite Recipe!

November 5- Share your favorite recipe

Right now, my favorite recipe is from

This recipe is for a paleo version of chocolate mousse. Heck yes! Who doesn't love chocolate? Also, what's better than a chocolate recipe that fits your eating habits? Anyhow, if you haven't read my blog before, I love crafting and cooking. Lots and lots of cooking. Now on for the recipe! Are you ready? Ok, let's begin!



Of course, if you look at her photo, it looks way better, but it tastes like chocolate pudding to me, and it's fantastic! Hope you all enjoy it as much as me!!


1 ripe avocado

2-3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

~1/4 c. coconut milk

3-4 dates (I like medjool) (note: dates are notoriously hard to process down…you may also add honey or agave instead if your food pro is a little on the anemic side)

1 vanilla bean*


1. Scoop out avocado and combine it with the cocoa powder, coconut milk and dates in a food pro.

2. Split the vanilla bean lengthwise, scrape out the seeds, and add to the food pro.

3. Blend!

4. For best results, refrigerate until chilled.

Makes 2 small servings or 1 large if you’re very hungry.

*You could add 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract instead

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy!


Monday, November 4, 2013

Let freedom Ring!

a happy girl: Freedom: Today we are starting out this new week of the Blogember challenge by writing for 5 minutes on the prompt Freedom.

I'm in love with her prompt and challenge! If you didn't realize, this is what I've been blogging from, and I'm very much enjoying it. It's def helping me get back into the groove of things, and honestly a little less thinking for me to ease into it. I encourage you to check out this interesting blog!

On to the prompt: Freedom
5 minutes, go!

Freedom has many definitions one technical def, thank you is the power or right to act, speak,
or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. The ring to that is extraordinary. Here in America we take our freedom for granted. No I am not just saying that because DH is military, I say this because looking into other countries, they are much more restrained. I feel the people are hushed up a lot of times. Whether it be people speaking out against government, terrorist groups, or just females about inequality. I am lucky to be where I am, with who I am. Even in this country today there is a lot of hush hush going on in relationships. I've seen this first hand even. Whether it be a male in an emotionally abusive relationship or a female. Always being told not to think a certain way, not to feel a certain way, how to do things the 'right' way, who to love or not love, being told not to dress a certain way, all of it. We as people need freedom. We need to be encouraged to find ourselves. People need to stop being so negative towards others when it has no affect on them or their lives. STAND UP for yourself and let it be known that you are you. You will write the chapters in your own life, others are merely characters, some will come and go in your story, and some will stay till your story concludes. You make your life, you live in it, you make your choices!

Ok, five minutes are up, no editing! Please enjoy, check out the blog from ahappygirl. Also, I'd love input and feedback!

I'll be back to post more soon!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Almost caught up

November 3- Your top 5 favorite blogs

My top 5 favorite blogs are about to be listed... Prepare yourselves! (not listed in any order)

All of these blogs have information or things I find interesting. Def worth the time to go check them out.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...  Share your favorite blogs. I love reading new things, so share the love and shout outs!

Have a great night bloggers!

Inspiring quote

November 2: Favorite inspiring quote

My favorite inspiring quote is that above by Mark Twain. I remember very first reading this quote in high school for speech and debate. 

In my life I have found how incredibly true this is. Courage is not being without fear, but mastering and overcoming your fears. In life we may be afraid of actions, consequences, or anything in between. Life is far too short to live in fear. We should, instead, live life to the fullest and experience what we can. When we get old, we will regret what we haven't done, so why not just do it?

What's your inspiring quote??

More to come my bloggy friends!


Hello everyone!

Long time no see. I've decided to do a November blog challenge. Lets begin!

November 1: One of the best lessons life has shown you

One of the best lessons life has taught me is to be slow to anger and always forgive. If you are slow to anger it's easier to think things out before acting irrationally. Remembering to always forgive doesn't just mean others, it also means to forgive yourself. I've been working on this aspect of my life a lot lately. I've been hurt, deceived, and betrayed by people I truly cared for. I know that this is just a part of life but I have finally come to the realization that I need to accept, forgive and move on rather than remaining bitter of the situations that have occurred. The other portion is realizing that I deserve forgiveness too. I am not a perfect human being nor have I ever claimed to be so. I have made mistakes, hurt people I cared for, and made poor decisions. All in all, this does not define me. 

Expect a few more posts today so I can catch up!

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