Monday, November 4, 2013

Let freedom Ring!

a happy girl: Freedom: Today we are starting out this new week of the Blogember challenge by writing for 5 minutes on the prompt Freedom.

I'm in love with her prompt and challenge! If you didn't realize, this is what I've been blogging from, and I'm very much enjoying it. It's def helping me get back into the groove of things, and honestly a little less thinking for me to ease into it. I encourage you to check out this interesting blog!

On to the prompt: Freedom
5 minutes, go!

Freedom has many definitions one technical def, thank you is the power or right to act, speak,
or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. The ring to that is extraordinary. Here in America we take our freedom for granted. No I am not just saying that because DH is military, I say this because looking into other countries, they are much more restrained. I feel the people are hushed up a lot of times. Whether it be people speaking out against government, terrorist groups, or just females about inequality. I am lucky to be where I am, with who I am. Even in this country today there is a lot of hush hush going on in relationships. I've seen this first hand even. Whether it be a male in an emotionally abusive relationship or a female. Always being told not to think a certain way, not to feel a certain way, how to do things the 'right' way, who to love or not love, being told not to dress a certain way, all of it. We as people need freedom. We need to be encouraged to find ourselves. People need to stop being so negative towards others when it has no affect on them or their lives. STAND UP for yourself and let it be known that you are you. You will write the chapters in your own life, others are merely characters, some will come and go in your story, and some will stay till your story concludes. You make your life, you live in it, you make your choices!

Ok, five minutes are up, no editing! Please enjoy, check out the blog from ahappygirl. Also, I'd love input and feedback!

I'll be back to post more soon!

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  1. Those are for sure some great ideas about freedom, I think you and I were thinking a bit along the same lines, that we need to own our own freedom (I wrote about having the courage to be free). Great blog!


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