Sunday, January 30, 2011

Head above water

I sit here and i think about all the things that need to be finished.. Well you know what? I think I am READY to take it all on. For a while I think I lost my focus. I finally am coming to terms with the fact that I am not super woman, and rather than blowing everything off, I will do what I can. I will do what I enjoy. I will do what I feel needs to be done. Yes! Go Me!

Alright, so the big thing that i worked on during Christmas, was something very special, and very unforgettable for not only myself, but a few very special people as well. A soldier that is friends with my husband, and his wife a friend of mine, got injured while deployed. He is doing a lot better now, but he was pretty bad. Another friend of mine and I gathered donations, and made it a fantastic Christmas for them. I will do another post on it when I have more time, but it was awesome! Truly a great Christmas.

My little girl will be three months old tomorrow! Very hard to believe! It seems just yesterday she was born. On the up side of things, we are more than half way through this deployment. I keep telling myself I can do this. Although time is going fast, it also feels slow. I have so many emotions running through me when I think about it. I consider myself a very strong woman when it comes to deployment, but dang, I think the sexual frustration is coming out, because I seem to have my mind in the gutter more than half the time, HA!

I've been cooking again. It feels great. Not that I wasn't cooking before, but I was doing the same things all of the time, just for the convenience. Now I'm back to baking, and making more foods I haven't made since Alan left. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I'm trying to get in shape before he gets back home again. Who knows?

A friendship that was broken for a while, has been mended, and I have to say, I am VERY thankful for that. There was a cease of communication for a few months because of some disagreements between myself and a mutual friend, and she had been caught in the middle. Well, we've begun our friendship again, and it is so nice to have it back. Someone whom you feel at home with no matter what could happen. Needless to say, we are back as friends, as if nothing had ever happened.

Well that is all I have for now, but I shall be posting more pictures soon. Talk to you very soon!


  1. Glad to see you writing again, I love reading your post. Please keep it up! Your funny, sensitive and's refreshing. I <3 you!


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