Thursday, November 7, 2013

Favorite Apps

November 6 2013

(yes I'm aware I'm a day late, shh)

Ok for all you tech savvy people, my top 5 favorite apps are probably not that awesome to you, but they are for me. Thank you technology for saving my butt more than a couple of times!

1. Pinterest- I am an addict of sorts, let me tell you! I have over 4k pins. It's a bit excessive. Ha! They keep me up to date on diy projects, recipes, paleo things, workouts, kids stuff, home decor... I could go on and on!

2. Geocaching- Keeps you active, and who doesn't love a treasure hunt or hide n seek?? Highly recommend to everyone!

3. Spotify Premium- No commercials during your favorite playlists. Also, make your own playlists, or listen to others, and make them available offline! So worth it for music lovers everywhere!

4. Retailmenot- Keeps awesome coupons for so many places. Who doesn't love to save money??

5. USAA- Deposit money from home, keep your account up to date. Fantastic idea to start banking online!!

Ok there's my top 5 apps, what are yours???

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